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Meet Crystal

Developer of Grace-Based Discipline

Author of Biblical Parenting & Grace-Based Living

Artist, Creator & Curator at Adorned By Crystal

This would have been a lot easier to write 25 years ago.

I had been married a couple of years, we had our first child, and I was in the second year of pursuing my Master's in Theology from Fuller Theological Seminary.

Within the next few years I would graduate, give birth to our second child, write my first book, and start a part of my journey that was amazing, and awful, and connected, and lonely, and impacting, and ... pretty much any adjective could fit here (often all at the same time).  I'll share more about all of this in the blogs, but let me tell you how I'm writing this today.

I'm an artist who has been married for 27 years, has 5 amazing adult children, a wonderful daughter in law, and a wonderful son in law, 2 grand babies, 2 dogs, a lifetime of lessons, and the desire to put more good into the world than we can find most days, and who values connection and the lessons a lifetime of grace have taught me.

I've embraced my Jewish heritage, and a theology that is much more personal.  I've reached that magical age I call my "No F's 50's" where I stopped caring what anyone else thinks. I've made great strides in processing a lot of traumas. I want to tell my story - and provide a platform for others to share their stories as well. Sometimes it will be local to me artists who are part of the Theatre community here. Sometimes it will be people who have crossed my path and touch my life and whose story I think is important to hear.

I hope what you find here blesses you - and I hope you'll stick around and join us in the mission of making connection and sharing grace in a world that, well, some days just feels like a dumpster fire.  Maybe it will help just to know you aren't alone. I know that helps me.


Crystal Lutton - not a professional headshot
Leaves Shadow

Want early access to content?

Once upon a time, the AOLFF.ORG website was a wonderful resource, with articles about Grace-Based Discipline and how to implement it with your children. There were Biblical articles that talked about often used and most often mis-used or misapplied verses of text - and what they really say.


Then it expanded with articles about how to ​use what you'd been learning about grace to change not just your parenting, but your marriage, your friendships, and your life as a whole.

Then it crashed ... and not just any crash, but the kind of crash where it doesn't matter how skilled your webmaster and dear friend are (and she is!), and it doesn't matter how much time you spend re-uploading all of the content that was lost (weeks! It was weeks!), it will just never work correctly again.

Life went on, with no one having any more time to do anything about it because, well, life just doesn't always care about the things we wish we had time to do.  Then I decided to do an updated Re-Write/Re-Release of my first bookBiblical Parenting.  Only when I started the re-write I realized that it wasn't enough to do some additional notes and update things. It wasn't about saying the things, or including/excluding the things, where I clashed with my publisher.  It was the honest reflection that there was nothing I would say the same.

Please understand - the MESSAGE of the book, the entire foundation of Grace and Grace-Based Discipline as the way to form the greatest bond with your children and set them up for the most success in life . . .  that hasn't changed and my conviction to it is even stronger than ever!  But the words ... the words I used to communicate what I was trying to communicate . . . they all had to be updated.

So here we are.  On this functioning website with a working search engine where I'm going to upload as much of the content as I had on the old site.  I'm also going to add all of the new content.

And for anyone interested, I'm going to allow for behind the scenes access to the writing process and early access to content.  Arms Of Love Family Fellowship is still an Arizona 501 (c) 3 non-profit corporation.  And if you'd like to support us, you can get the access to the process and development of the new book I'm working on ... Thoughts From A Life Learning Grace.


You can also support us so that we can continue providing access to the very helpful parenting resources, or because you support our goals of promoting the message of artists who are working to make an important impact through their work - putting their message into a world that can so often leave us feeling untethered to anyone who cares. I care. They care.  And I hope we can inspire more to care - and to share their stories.

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